Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday night treat

Last night, Husband and I went to the mall for a movie treat. We needed some relaxation and we thought that watching a comedy film would be great. Besides, we haven't gone to the movies for quite some time now. There was none but one comedy film on show, The House Bunny. So to The House Bunny we went! :) The movie was fun and very light. We needed not to stress ourselves to follow the story. After all, the plot was so simple, yet it has left a very good message for the girls who are not confident with themselves, and who do not know how to interact with the opposite sex.

After the movie, we had dinner. I didn't realize that I made husband think why in the world I ordered for a vanilla icecream. Not that I don't eat icecream, it's just that I don't usually have dessert immediately after the main course. The dinner was a feast of our all-time favorites at the Max's.

And since I have been bugging Husband about some crafts I'd like to take on for the longest time now, we dropped by the Craft World and bought a simple pattern for my refresher cross-stitch project. Husband suggested that I choose a small, not-so-complicated pattern just so I could brush up on my cross stitching skills first, and try on more complicated designs after I finished the first one. Good enough!

And so for my trial project, I'm doing this 60 X 60 stitch design:


Angeli said...

bakit si tweety?

Sinta said...

I remember my cross stitching days ^_^ I enjoyed it so much when I was younger. I actually got pretty good and did my own designs. Now I just don't have time with everything else :) Have fun!

jacqueline said...

angeli: why tweety? :) because i have always liked tweety! ;) and Lorenz said whenever he stares at me when i'm asleep, he can't really do it romantically because he always ends up laughing, because my lips remind him of tweety bird! ha!ha!ha!

sinta: thanks! haven't started with it yet though. hopefully this weekend i'd get to work on it already. perhaps you'd like to make your illustrations into cross stitch patterns and sell them on etsy too! :)

caryn said...

this is adorable. i think i attempted a tweety pattern when i was in highschool. i didn't get to finish it though; goodluck with yours! ;-)

jacqueline said...

thanks, caryn! can't wait to post my finished product here. :)