Monday, November 10, 2008

the Crayola world

I was searching the Internet for some converter sites for my hexadecimal color codes (to RGB), and I have stumbled upon this very colorful post. Well, the post was not about what I was looking for, but I was fascinated with the different photos used in the page.

It reminded me of the time when I was so drawn to coloring books (yes, even when I was way over my grade school years) that I had my boxes of Crayola. Also, Sinta came to mind. Seeing her lovely watercolor illustrations makes me think that perhaps she's also in love with colors, vibrant or otherwise? :)


Sinta said...

Thanks for the plug. I absolutely adore colours. My earliest memory is picking up my crayola crayons and drawing on my white nursery wall. My mom wasn't happy at all! I always wanted colouring books for my birthday too ^_^

jacqueline said...

you're most welcome! :)
and the kids in us just never cease to adore colors. :)
last night i told Husband i want to buy coloring books again, but those that are for grown-ups, and he said that I should make up my mind on which project i would like to focus on. since last saturday, i haven't touched my tweety bird yet. :(