Wednesday, July 15, 2009

love for me is...

i believe that love is not just a feeling... it is a commitment; a commitment to be with the person through ups and downs, a commitment to stay loyal and faithful, and honest and sincere; a commitment to nurture the relationship to make it stronger and for it to endure trials. but should infidelity be experienced and mistakes have been done, love should also be a commitment to learn to forgive and forget. it's not easy, but i believe it's workable.

as a comment posted on Paulo Coelho's forum

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i'm still here

I haven't been blogging lately nor reading any of my followed blogs' posts because I feel that my hands are full of workloads. And tonight, while trying to relax, I tried to catch up on my missed blog reading... and I tell you, I have been missing a lot already. And so, I tried hard enough to read as much as I could, post comments, and make these online friends know that I'm still here... :)

I may not be that "visible" but know that I am here. :) It's time for my good night sleep now. *kiss*

take care,

Friday, July 3, 2009

work panic, blouse, shoes and Transformers

This week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions brought about by work and some personal matters.

While I was busy performing my duties, other concerns from clients would just come up... others easy to address while some would take much of my time. The lowest point of my work week was when I found out that nearly 4,000 records in 93 databases could have been lost. It called for an emergency meeting, at least with a colleague friend whose department I also coordinate with. I have to admit I panicked, my mind tried sorting out excuses I can use, but decided I just had to ask the respondents to take the survey again. It might not be easily acceptable for the client, but that's the only honest way we can work around it. This incident bugged my husband, too, that he ended up inviting me to leave the office earlier to relax and see the movie Transformers. I didn't buy it! It's something that would work for him, not me. But then again, he knows best how to get me... so, he bribed me with a bit of shopping treat... for a blouse at first, to which I also declined. But he was insistent, so he added it up with a pair of shoes. And that I couldn't resist anymore. So to little shopping and Transformers movie we went.

Highest point of the week? The tech support responded promptly saying that the data have not been lost! :)) Oh! I am so relieved! Thank God.

So, thank God it's Friday! My data are intact, another blouse and pair of shoes added to my closet, and I have seen an entertaining movie! :)

Hope you have a happy weekend! :)