Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In my everyday living, there would always be a time that I would think of blogging. My mind would usually register the opening sentences for my post, only to lose track of what I would really want to write about after a few seconds. And at times when I can freely write, when Internet connection is readily available, I seem to lose everything I have thought to write.

And just so I could update you of what I have been busy with lately, be it in thoughts or in deeds, here is a list of random things that keeps me occupied:

1. Life has been busy at work, but things are starting to slow down now. Yipee! :)

2. Remember the good thing that Husband and I are working on? Well, we had to prepare some documents and had to undergo some check ups. *wink*

3. Since the last swimming we had, our weekends were always spent at home with the family. The last weekend though was the most uneventful because I was down with migraine again. :( And it was too bad yet I couldn't do anything but apply cold compress on my head because I am allergic to most pain relievers. I even spent the entire Monday in bed.

4. Husband and I usually daydream of how our lives together will be when we finally get to go to the land down under... *wink*

missed you,