Thursday, November 20, 2008

it's a wired world out there...

...literally and figuratively!

Everytime I would bring poqui to the office, my desk would look like the picture above. Aside from the piles of folders and other documents, my desk would be a mess of cables -- telephone and network cables, and at times, my mobile phone charger cable. It feels that I have grown too dependent on these electronic devices, that I can't seem to function well if one of them is missing. And even if my work is not always greatly dependent on the Internet, a disconnection from it feels like not having the energy to work effectively. Just a state of mind, perhaps. And I hope our HR manager doesn't read this post, or I might be in trouble. :)

It is really such a wonder how powerful information technology nowadays is. It is so much easier and faster to keep in touch with our loved ones despite the thousands-of-miles distance between us. But no matter how personal our communication with them is over this information high-way, still, nothing beats the warmth of personal hugs and kisses... incomparable to all the emoticons available on any site!


Angeli said...

hmmmm.. your desk actually looks less messy in the picture.. :)

jacqueline said...

the power of taking the right angle for a photo shoot. :) hehehe