Sunday, November 16, 2008


My circle of friends in high school had a get-together last night, which lasted until 3 this morning. The last time all six of us were together was during my wedding two years ago.

Unlike previous meetings when one or two of us would be really late, we all arrived just in time when the clock ticked 7. Again, we were at our favorite local coffee place, Barista.

It's been 14 years since we graduated from high school yet things seem to be just the same. There are some changes though of course, from the looks to outlooks in life. Four of us are moms already and they live life with utmost carefulness to make sure they can give the best for their kids. And coming from diffferent fields of work -- two are accountants, one is a pediatrician, one is a nurse, one is in advertising, and I am from the field of information technology, we never ran out of topics to talk about. It's great to share what we normally do during our busy work days and learn new things at the same time. Like what I always say, being with your real friends is like a breath of fresh air... a time and place to be just yourself, with people who know you inside and out.

Faye, Oneng, Jannie, Myself, Kai, Lisette


Angeli said...

"no pictures?" i thought as i was reading your post...till i got to the last sentence. :) to be posted pa pala..

jacqueline said...

yeah, yeah, i know... that's why i noted "pictures to follow" hehehehe... it's in my friendster account already, should you want to see it now. :)

Sinta said...

Great pics ^_^ I wish I could have a reunion with old friends.

jacqueline said...

thanks! your reunion time will come... ours was two years in the making. :)