Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cross stitch... cross stitch... cross stitch...

This morning, a colleague and I went to a prospective partner school for a product presentation. The school is exclusively for girls. As we walk on the campus, I couldn't help but remember my grade school years (no, I didn't study in an exclusive school for girls, I just remembered my grade school life ^_^ ). It was such a fun!

And to my surprise, girls who seem to be at the 3rd grade are holding some familiar fabrics... yes, an Aida cloth. They are doing some cross stitch projects in school at an early age.

How I wish we had the same Home Arts projects during our time, maybe then I have cultivated the enthusiasm to do cross stitching early on in my young life. :)


Angeli said...

so how are you doing with your tweety project? :)

jacqueline said...

not yet done, but working on it whenever i get the chance. i made the head and the cap and the shirt... :) i'll post an update soon.