Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dinner special!

Teodoro's Grill
The Park @ Liberty Center
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

We once visited the place and liked their seafood kare-kare. And so, for our anniversary dinner, we opted for Teodoro's Grill again. Its location is just near our place, so we didn't have to worry about the pre-Christmas traffic jam.

The lights at the park created a romantic ambiance, making it a good choice for our simple celebration.

While waiting for our orders, I couldn't help but admire the simplicity of the Christmas decoration that adorned this corner across us. I've been wanting to put up some Christmas ornaments in our apartment, and I think this one could be easily duplicated at home. :) Husband promised to help me on this. *excited!*

And then our orders came...

We had our favorite seafood kare-kare. And Husband said since he didn't give me a bouquet of flowers this time, we are having chicharon bulaklak instead... "at least may bulaklak pa din!" :) We also had my favorite bangus belly, which they call bangus ala pobre. The fries tasted good too!

Husband had two servings of rice. He really enjoyed the dinner as much as I did. I ended up finishing his ripe mango shake, and he, my Sprite.

We were so full, finishing up so delighted. And here's what we have left them afterwards... :)

It's as if the married couple haven't had any meal for a day! :)


Angeli said...

makapunta nga rin dyan pagdating ni D. atleast lalakarin na lang namin diba? :)

jacqueline said...

i think you'll like the place, it's not crowded, and the food is good too. :)