Friday, November 21, 2008

bad hair day!

I had a scheduled product presentation this morning with one of our prospective clients. Because the meeting was set at 10, I consciously made the effort to be in the office before 9, at the latest, with the assumption that my colleague and I will be leaving at 9 to make it to the school (where we would be having our meeting) before the set time. If you are aware of how bad traffic in the roads of Manila can be, you would understand why I had to give an hour time allowance for our short travel.

I got up earlier than usual, needing to have more time to fix my unruly hair. But for some reason, I just had it towel-dried, and it had flown in all directions! My leave-on conditioner couldn't do anything about it!

Imagine being in a room with the school principal and all subject coordinators staring at me while I conducted the product demo. Good thing, the product I was presenting them about is an award-winning graphic organizer solution! I had their attention glued to the product and not on my hair. :)

They liked the software and that is all that matters. What do I care about how they think of my hair?! It was just a bad hair day after all! :)

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