Friday, November 14, 2008


This is my post after two days of not being able to report to work due to some "i'm not feeling well" reasons. And this is also my very first post using my newest buddy - POQUI! One of the Compaq Presario series. :)

Yes, I already received the anniversary gift that Husband promised to give me. I am sooo excited... I wanna load it with stuffs that both Husband and I will enjoy. But I have yet to get that badminton bag he is wishing to receive from me...

Until my next post... it's past breaktime now.. self-control, rem'ber?


Angeli said...

it's great when you get the gift that you really want, di ba? hindi na yung surprise-surprise pa. :)

jacqueline said...

oh yes! and Husband always makes sure i will like what he'll give, so he ends up asking what i want... i don't get to receive all though. but that's ok... :)