Saturday, February 20, 2010

one fine week

It was seven days ago when my husband and I first set foot on this land down under... and just a week after, we are already enjoying our stay, having visited quite a few places and meeting some friends.

Everything may be new... the currency, the driving scheme, and everything else around us, but we are loving it here already! Many thanks to our friends and cousins who have welcomed us here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

tick tack tick tack...

With twenty-five hours left before the trip that will open a new book of my life, I want to make my presence felt in the blog world (well, at least to the three people I know who would be reading this... ^_^).

I am so excited that I am not sure if I can sleep it through the night. :) I am sure that there will be a moment of sadness as we leave our families behind, but I am also sure that things will turn out for the best.... I'm keeping my faith alive!

So, until my next post from the land down under...

Have a great time, everyone! :) God bless you!