Sunday, May 31, 2009

would this be my last take this summer?

It took us around an hour and a half braving the heavy rain on our way home to the apartment. We left Husband's place earlier than usual because we would like to avoid getting caught up in traffic in case rain would pour... however, it seemed like we went head on with it! It's a good thing that Husband knows a few alternate routes, we were able to avoid the slightly flooded roads.

But driving in the midst of the heavy rain was just fine. Really! because earlier we had so much fun enjoying the sun, that Husband and I are all so tan again!

We had long been wanting to visit the Momarco Resort. It's just some minutes away from our place in Baras. We were delighted with the place. The spring-water pool is big enough to accommodate big groups of guests. Being there is like being one with nature again... it's a very good place to visit when one wants to unwind or just simply relax.

Entrance fee is at P250.00 for all aged 4 and up (day tour until 6PM), the smallest cottage is at P600.00 - enough to accommodate 10 people. They also have rooms for guests who would like to stay overnight. Guests may bring in food but with a corkage fee of P50/her for all aged 18 and up.

For more info, please visit their official site here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

way behind...

Every now and then, I log onto my blogger account to see if I have comments to moderate (though I haven't been updating lately) or new posts to read from blogs that I follow. It has only been 2 days since I last checked in and I have been missing quite a lot on my reading already.

I hope to read all your posts although I know my comments would be really late already.

Haaaayyyy.... life is so busy these days.

Friday, May 22, 2009

i'm so glad he won

What can I say??? Two seasons in a row, the contestant I was rooting for was declared the Idol!

I am just so happy that Kris Allen made it. I hope that his success will have NO BOUNDARIES. By the way, I think he sang NO BOUNDARIES better the second time.

it comes when i least expect it...

This was supposed to be posted last Tuesday night, after I have cleaned up the house after a mini party with my colleague-friends in celebration of my birthday. It was such a lovely day that I felt so inspired and blessed, that I have written this. However, when I was about to post it, it turned out that I don't have any credit left in my pre-paid Internet connection. I had to wait until I had time again to sign in and post it. And now is the time.



Yesterday (Monday), I received a good news, but I was not attentive enough to realize that it was indeed a very good news.

Later this afternoon (Tuesday), when my busy day at the office was about to end, the good news was pressed on me again. This time, I was confronted with the good news in total surprise.

It was around August of 2007 when Husband and I started working out on this thing, which could change our lives and our future. Every step we took, we were able to receive the results earlier than we expected it to come. But the recent good news is the record breaker. We were just expecting for a status report, instead we received another step to take on, which brings us closer to our goal. We have prepared ourselves for this step to come sometime in October this year, but it came just in time for my birthday, which is five months in advance of our set deadline.

I have never doubted God’s faithfulness, but I have learned to be patient when waiting for my prayers to be answered. I have never challenged God. Even at times when I feel disappointed that things don’t go my way, I still remind myself that God’s plan for me is always the best plan. So if a procedure is said to take a year to process, I keep that in mind and patiently wait for the days to pass. Receiving a result that is way ahead of the schedule is truly a blessing for us.

I might have not received my first birthday wish, but the second one, I believe is on its way.

Tonight’s devotion is very timely with the surprise I have just received, that it prompted me to post it to share with those whose faith are probably shaken by their current circumstances. It reads...


Trust God’s Ways

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways... For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

Did you know a lack of understanding of how God does things can wear you out? If you don’t understand His ways, you could end up fighting and resisting things, thinking they are an attack from the devil, when in reality they are an attempt by the Lord to work something good in your life.

You know God does not do bad things. But sometimes you may fail to realize that everything that feels bad to you is not necessarily bad for you. Reminding yourself that His ways are not your ways will help you trust Him even when your circumstances are hard to understand.

As this busy day comes to a close, just put yourself in the hands of almighty God... and rest in the knowledge that He is good and knows what’s best.

Ending Your Day Right
Joyce Meyer
May 19

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The birthday blues faded as soon as Husband got home from his badminton game. It was around 9:30 last night and he asked me if I wanted to go to Tagaytay and have coffee. He said it would be nice to wait until the clock ticks 12 and it'll be my birthday. But I was already in bed, ready to sleep, so I told him that we just have a chat.

This morning, I was awaken by the alarm of Husband's reminder on his phone. He reached for it, checked it and said "Happy birthday, Mahal." to which I sleepily replied "thank you..." So, he has it on his calendar! :) Perhaps he would like to make sure that it's not gonna slip his mind. :)

We were on our way to the Church, when suddenly Husband had a stomachache that we had to go back home. And so, we're here at home, spending some of my birthday time on the Internet to thank all the well wishers and everyone who has remembered me on this special day.

The birthday blues is gone, and today is one happy birthday! Yay! I'm 32! :))

Saturday, May 16, 2009

birthday blues

I'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow, but how come I feel kind of sad? :((

Friday, May 15, 2009

last song syndrome

Last Sunday, I had the chance to get-together with my brother. It's the first time again after several years that we were both at home. He had been busy with his career, and our schedules of coming home at Mama's place won't meet. I visit him at the hospital once in a while, but we can't really spend much time chatting. Practically, he lives in the hospital now. He is a resident doctor at the Philippine General Hospital, under the Department of Surgery. He would have his off-duty days, but most of which he'd just spend resting in his dormitory room (which is also at the hospital premises).

While catching up, he shared a song that's in his iPod playlist, which upto now is still playing in my head. LSS (last song syndrome) that is!

Here, listen to it, and you might not get it out of your head eaither. :)

busy as a bee

It had been a crazily busy week for me at work. Last Monday was a real MONDAY in its truest busiest sense. I can no longer recall how many phone calls I made nor I had received on that day alone. From coordinating training schedules and book deliveries, to consolidating training feedback summaries, I had to do the task as each one deemed urgently necessary. Following the usual "to do list" was not much of a help because there would always be something to be done that wasn't really on the list in first place. A true test of which-would-you-handle-first-the-important-or-the-urgent thinking. One scheduled meeting was even postponed at a later date due to the busyness of the day. And that re-scheduled meeting didn't push through again because we had other things to take care of in the office. The busiest of busy days!

Last Wednesday, we had taken a five-hour trip to a client to conduct a three-hour orientation. I was exchanging text messages with my Husband telling him I'd be late and that he'd have to take his dinner alone. I had double cheeseburger for dinner from a McDonald's drive-thru, filling in my empty stomach while in the car.  Not my ideal dinner, by the way!  I was home two hours late than usual. It was the most tiring day of my week!

Thursday was just as equally occupied as the previous days but at least, I didn't have to go on a long drive again for a client meeting.

And as Friday came, I couldn't help but wish that there would be less calls to entertain, less coordinations to make, less reminders to be set. Were my "less" wishes granted? NOT AT ALL!

But I am not complaining. The busyness of the days means that we still have business, we have more clients, I still have work, and I can handle the pressure of multi-tasking.

And now, as I look forward to my birthday weekend, I can relaxingly breathe and take my much needed break before I face yet another work-filled week!

Oh... thank God it's Friday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


TO ALL THE WONDERFUL MOMS OUT THERE... myspace graphic comments
Myspace Comments

I wish I would be one of you really soon! :)
To my MAMA, thank you for all the love and everything else you have done for us. I am who I am because of you (the bad part is my fault though, don't worry *wink*).
You truly are the greatest mom in the world! I love you! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the two-way street i experience now

Life is a two-way street. I know this, believe this, and experience this every single day of my life.

When I shop for something, I normally seek consent from my Husband, even at times that I have to spend for it. Perhaps, subconsciously, I would like to get his approval whether what I am paying for is worth the money or not. Or maybe, I want to know if there’s a need for me to purchase the item in the first place. When I buy something, I encourage him to buy something for himself too. That way, I wouldn’t feel guilty giving in to my shopping pleasures. :) Life has to be a two-way street.

It had been long ago when I thought of having an Internet access at the comfort of our apartment... way before I even had my notebook. And so when I received my laptop as Husband’s gift on our 2nd wedding anniversary, I thought it wouldn’t be long before I get my Internet acess subscription. But I was wrong. It took me five long months to finally have that kit. It was only then that we have seriously thought of aquiring one. Or should I say, it was only then that Husband had seriously thought of approving my need (or want, according to him) for an Internet connection at our place, where we just stay during work days.

Now I understand why he was so insistent for me to get this Internet access kit. He wanted an X-deal – my Internet connection for his CABLE TV! After two weeks of being behind our schedule, I was finally able to apply for our SKYCABLE subscription. Just like my Internet access, his CABLE TV is also a pre-paid subscription.

It was scheduled to be installed Wednesday afternoon. It was already 4:00PM and still no cable guy in sight... 6:30PM came and still no cable guy was knocking at our door. I had to call the hotline twice to verify if they had the job order placed. Husband was already feeling disappointed at this time. While having dinner, he was telling me that these men are not coming anymore. But thirty minutes after we had our dinner, a SKYCABLE truck passed by. How delighted and excited he was that he made his roger rabbit moves! :)

And now, as I quietly sit on our bed, alone in the bedroom, I am able to finally use what my Internet connection is for, while he... he is enjoying his Crime Investigation special preview on SKYCABLE at the living room.

Indeed, life is a two-way street. :)

it's the carbonara's fault

I just had another trip to the toilet AGAIN.

You see, I am off from work this morning because of the carbonara I had. Okay... Okay... I had a lot. But what can I do? We enjoyed it! It's creaminess must be the culprit.

Initially, our plan was to prepare the carbonara after we had dinner last night. But being persons of low EQ (as we always call ourselves), we had it for dinner. And for this breakfast, too! And despite that thing it caused me, we're still having if for lunch... but this time it will be served with fried chicken. Hmmm... yummylicious!

Thanks to Angeli for the title. See it here how I came upon it. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

to fire with water

Every first day of the month of May, the people of Baras, Rizal (my husband's hometown) celebrate some sort of a feast. I am not aware of its historical facts, but it usually starts early in the morning with a parade or turumba. It is then followed by the pagoda festival (a float parade done in the river). Simultaneous with these activities is the one thing I really like doing at this day, people splashing water everywhere, to anybody, anytime. You can say this one is similar to the feast of San Juan.

In preparation for this activity, husband and I bought some water guns. We "fire" people with water, but only those who we know are willing to get wet (just like us!). It's unfortunate for passers by who are not aware of this feast because they got splashed on, either unintentionally or otherwise. :)

second take on carbonara

Last Sunday night while Husband and I were driving back to our apartment from their place, he requested that I cook carbonara – following the same recipe as one of my girl friends did that he liked a lot. I told him that I will cook on Tuesday night.

Since he goes out of work earlier than I do, I tasked him to do the grocery for the carbonara ingredients. I listed down everything I need to make the carbonara.

Around 4:00PM, he has been calling me already. First call was to ask what he can buy as an alternative for basil leaves because he can't find any (basil leaves). I told him none (none, because I don't know what to replace basil leaves with). He asked if rosemary leaves will do, I said NO (because again, I don't know what rosemary leaves are for, and I don't know if it can actually replace basil leaves in my carbonara). Then after a couple of minutes, he called again to ask if I'm sure that it's really all-purpose cream that I want him to buy (seeing pictures of breads and fresh fruits on the packaging confused him a bit. LOL) and whether I only need 3 of those 250mL packs. And he ended our conversation with a sigh of "hirap talagang mag-grocery." ("It's really hard to do the grocery.")

Well, no pain, no gain! :) But he has to worry not because tonight, he is assured to feast on sumptuous carbonara. Hopefully, that is! :)