Monday, September 29, 2008

my weekend...

Before last weekend came, I was thinking of having myself glued in front of the computer, editing and updating my cyber accounts on Saturday and Sunday.

I started posting on Friday night even though my Internet connection at home wouldn’t open this site. Thanks to one of its features allowing bloggers to post just by sending an email to a secret address, I was able to update my site.

So what kept me busy last weekend? Here’s the list:


Ø Alvin and Jen’s son Joaquin’s Christening day; Lorenz is Ninong

Ø Kuya Lito’s birthday (though we only stayed for almost an hour) because we still have...

Ø ...our badminton game

Ø chikahan over coffee at our favorite local coffee shop, Barista, with my bestfriend (since Grade 3) Oneng and my close friend turned sis-in-law Karen; we stayed until about 12midnight (while Lorenz was out to Alvin’s post birthday celebration)


Ø Since puyat, we woke up at 10:30AM (very late, i know!)

Ø Badminton game at 2:30PM

Ø Rest, rest, rest...

And so, that’s how my weekend went... tiring yet fun!

Friday, September 26, 2008

expect for these...

Yesterday, after I signed up for this account, I immediately informed two of my colleagues who are also bloggers, about it. One of them snobbishly said "ano lalagay mo dun? kwento ng buhay mo?"

And it made me think, what am I gonna post here? Unlike him, I don't have a portfolio of self-taken pictures (that would be enticing to look at, that is!), nor am I like the other who reads a vast library of books that would allow me to share my reviews of these materials.

So to give my readers (or should I say "my reader" since there's only one person I know who is following this blog) an idea of what to look forward to, let me tell you… I guess my colleague is right after all. I will just be writing about me… my random thoughts on random things... my latest obsession, frustration, exhilaration… and your eyes might just pop out seeing lots of pink!

a thing called L O V E

"The madness of love is the greatest of heaven's blessings."
- Plato

it's just not the right time...

I was so excited to be home tonight here in Baras, even though I know that Lorenz (yes, my husband) might be out with his friends. And the reason for that… I'd get to explore around blogger! J

But what a disappointment! won't load up! Gggrrrr… that can't be! All other sites are accessible, how come this one isn't? Thanks to Mail-to-Blogger. I can post through email.

And if you see awful formatting in this post, please accept my apologies. I'll just edit it next time... because tonight, perhaps, is not the right time for my blogging.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

where's the way out?

Being a newbie at, I almost always find myself lost in the links of pages I click. Good thing I can always rely on my browser’s back button to bring me to the page where I intend to be.

And now it makes me wonder how nice it would be if we can always have a “back” button we can push anytime to bring us where we used to be... hhhmmmm... or maybe not!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a blogger, at last!

The birth of this account gives way to my own little space on the net for my thoughts, crazy or otherwise. You'll surely get to read on my serendipitous moments as soon as they happen.

So keep coming back! :)