Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the two-way street i experience now

Life is a two-way street. I know this, believe this, and experience this every single day of my life.

When I shop for something, I normally seek consent from my Husband, even at times that I have to spend for it. Perhaps, subconsciously, I would like to get his approval whether what I am paying for is worth the money or not. Or maybe, I want to know if there’s a need for me to purchase the item in the first place. When I buy something, I encourage him to buy something for himself too. That way, I wouldn’t feel guilty giving in to my shopping pleasures. :) Life has to be a two-way street.

It had been long ago when I thought of having an Internet access at the comfort of our apartment... way before I even had my notebook. And so when I received my laptop as Husband’s gift on our 2nd wedding anniversary, I thought it wouldn’t be long before I get my Internet acess subscription. But I was wrong. It took me five long months to finally have that kit. It was only then that we have seriously thought of aquiring one. Or should I say, it was only then that Husband had seriously thought of approving my need (or want, according to him) for an Internet connection at our place, where we just stay during work days.

Now I understand why he was so insistent for me to get this Internet access kit. He wanted an X-deal – my Internet connection for his CABLE TV! After two weeks of being behind our schedule, I was finally able to apply for our SKYCABLE subscription. Just like my Internet access, his CABLE TV is also a pre-paid subscription.

It was scheduled to be installed Wednesday afternoon. It was already 4:00PM and still no cable guy in sight... 6:30PM came and still no cable guy was knocking at our door. I had to call the hotline twice to verify if they had the job order placed. Husband was already feeling disappointed at this time. While having dinner, he was telling me that these men are not coming anymore. But thirty minutes after we had our dinner, a SKYCABLE truck passed by. How delighted and excited he was that he made his roger rabbit moves! :)

And now, as I quietly sit on our bed, alone in the bedroom, I am able to finally use what my Internet connection is for, while he... he is enjoying his Crime Investigation special preview on SKYCABLE at the living room.

Indeed, life is a two-way street. :)


Angeli said...

don't you feel as if you've lost (willingly or unwillingly) your autonomy somehow? or is that an intrinsic part of being married?

jacqueline said...

hi A. i still have the same freedom as before to do the things i wish to do, it's just that i think we both have grown to be interdependent that before we decide on some things we do consult each other first. lorenz naman is the type of person who goes for whatever makes me happy, so life's still the same. but we're like twins, whatever i have, he has too, something like that. :)

i think in marriage, two lives become intertwined, not necessarily doing the same things together all the time but more like sharing with each other your thoughts on almost everything. :) and one is happy if the other is happy. :) (read: as long as it won't hurt the marriage, then go for that happiness!) :)

Amelia said...

there are times that I have to tell Coy that I want something especially if that things cost too much and that I need to let him know same thing with him. but more often than not I buy things without asking him...hehehehhe!!! but I think we do that because we respect each other and that we don't want just to spend much for something others think is not essential.

I agree with you Jac! it's a compromise and one has to agree with one to make each other happy...

jacqueline said...

hi, Aims! in marriage, one really has to be considerate of the other person, di ba? it's not really seeking for approval all the time in all the things we do, but we want to, of course, inform our husbands of things we plan to do. even in simple groceries and meals we prepare we still somehow ask them if they agree with us on what we're thinking or planning... and if it comes out naturally, and we're not doing it as if it's an obligation, it becomes fun and enjoyable, and somehow becomes an expression of love, too..

heheheh.. mushy-mushy na 'tong comments page ko.. LOL

jhing said...

i agree.sometimes just by informing our partners of these things made them appreciate us is not an obligation right, you do it out of respect of having them as your partner.although some need not seek approval, just as long as u know your limits.


Amelia said...

yup you said it's a "two-way street" and you can't dance tango alone ;)

Heather said...

I know exactly what you mean about marriage being a two way street. Sometimes I get irritated with that, but I know in the end it's all for the best. Congrats on your wireless internet! I know how awesome that is! LOL

cpsanti said...

hahaha! glad to know you both got what you wanted ;-)