Friday, May 22, 2009

it comes when i least expect it...

This was supposed to be posted last Tuesday night, after I have cleaned up the house after a mini party with my colleague-friends in celebration of my birthday. It was such a lovely day that I felt so inspired and blessed, that I have written this. However, when I was about to post it, it turned out that I don't have any credit left in my pre-paid Internet connection. I had to wait until I had time again to sign in and post it. And now is the time.



Yesterday (Monday), I received a good news, but I was not attentive enough to realize that it was indeed a very good news.

Later this afternoon (Tuesday), when my busy day at the office was about to end, the good news was pressed on me again. This time, I was confronted with the good news in total surprise.

It was around August of 2007 when Husband and I started working out on this thing, which could change our lives and our future. Every step we took, we were able to receive the results earlier than we expected it to come. But the recent good news is the record breaker. We were just expecting for a status report, instead we received another step to take on, which brings us closer to our goal. We have prepared ourselves for this step to come sometime in October this year, but it came just in time for my birthday, which is five months in advance of our set deadline.

I have never doubted God’s faithfulness, but I have learned to be patient when waiting for my prayers to be answered. I have never challenged God. Even at times when I feel disappointed that things don’t go my way, I still remind myself that God’s plan for me is always the best plan. So if a procedure is said to take a year to process, I keep that in mind and patiently wait for the days to pass. Receiving a result that is way ahead of the schedule is truly a blessing for us.

I might have not received my first birthday wish, but the second one, I believe is on its way.

Tonight’s devotion is very timely with the surprise I have just received, that it prompted me to post it to share with those whose faith are probably shaken by their current circumstances. It reads...


Trust God’s Ways

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways... For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

Did you know a lack of understanding of how God does things can wear you out? If you don’t understand His ways, you could end up fighting and resisting things, thinking they are an attack from the devil, when in reality they are an attempt by the Lord to work something good in your life.

You know God does not do bad things. But sometimes you may fail to realize that everything that feels bad to you is not necessarily bad for you. Reminding yourself that His ways are not your ways will help you trust Him even when your circumstances are hard to understand.

As this busy day comes to a close, just put yourself in the hands of almighty God... and rest in the knowledge that He is good and knows what’s best.

Ending Your Day Right
Joyce Meyer
May 19


Amelia said...

everything happens if we believe in HIM and always be faithful to HIM...THY will be done ;)

good luck in any endeavour Jac!

Heather said...

Amen Jaqueline. I hope all of your prayers are answered. When going through infertility treatments years ago I frequently had to remind myself that God has reasons for what he does, and in time I did get pregnant. It was just when God was ready, not when I was. I came to realize WHY I didn't get pregnant at first was because I was meant to adopt my two girls. Everything will work out!

jacqueline said...

thanks, Aims.

I so agree with you, Heather. It's God's time that is always the best time. :) it's not our plans but His that always prevails, and it is always for the best.

Husband and I are just so happy with how things are going on with our plans.

When all things are confirmed, I will gladly disclose it here.

Just pray for us too that good news will just keep flowing.. :)

Angeli said...

paalam na ba jac?

jacqueline said...

hindi pa naman, A. sana, malapit na. :) marami naman pwedeng pumalit sa'kin, 'di ba?