Friday, May 15, 2009

last song syndrome

Last Sunday, I had the chance to get-together with my brother. It's the first time again after several years that we were both at home. He had been busy with his career, and our schedules of coming home at Mama's place won't meet. I visit him at the hospital once in a while, but we can't really spend much time chatting. Practically, he lives in the hospital now. He is a resident doctor at the Philippine General Hospital, under the Department of Surgery. He would have his off-duty days, but most of which he'd just spend resting in his dormitory room (which is also at the hospital premises).

While catching up, he shared a song that's in his iPod playlist, which upto now is still playing in my head. LSS (last song syndrome) that is!

Here, listen to it, and you might not get it out of your head eaither. :)

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Heather said...

That's a beautiful song. I've heard it before! I'm glad you got a visit with your brother.