Friday, May 15, 2009

busy as a bee

It had been a crazily busy week for me at work. Last Monday was a real MONDAY in its truest busiest sense. I can no longer recall how many phone calls I made nor I had received on that day alone. From coordinating training schedules and book deliveries, to consolidating training feedback summaries, I had to do the task as each one deemed urgently necessary. Following the usual "to do list" was not much of a help because there would always be something to be done that wasn't really on the list in first place. A true test of which-would-you-handle-first-the-important-or-the-urgent thinking. One scheduled meeting was even postponed at a later date due to the busyness of the day. And that re-scheduled meeting didn't push through again because we had other things to take care of in the office. The busiest of busy days!

Last Wednesday, we had taken a five-hour trip to a client to conduct a three-hour orientation. I was exchanging text messages with my Husband telling him I'd be late and that he'd have to take his dinner alone. I had double cheeseburger for dinner from a McDonald's drive-thru, filling in my empty stomach while in the car.  Not my ideal dinner, by the way!  I was home two hours late than usual. It was the most tiring day of my week!

Thursday was just as equally occupied as the previous days but at least, I didn't have to go on a long drive again for a client meeting.

And as Friday came, I couldn't help but wish that there would be less calls to entertain, less coordinations to make, less reminders to be set. Were my "less" wishes granted? NOT AT ALL!

But I am not complaining. The busyness of the days means that we still have business, we have more clients, I still have work, and I can handle the pressure of multi-tasking.

And now, as I look forward to my birthday weekend, I can relaxingly breathe and take my much needed break before I face yet another work-filled week!

Oh... thank God it's Friday!


Amelia said...

that's was tough but at least you were able to manage those "urgent" matters :)

and you have your weekend to savour and feast...advance happy birthday Jac (on Sunday right?) have a blast on your day and we wish all the happiness ;) God bless!

jacqueline said...

yes, Aims, on Sunday. :) thanks so much! enjoy your weekend too. :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday girl! I'm sorry you've been so busy, but you seem to be looking at it in a positive way so that's really good!