Tuesday, May 5, 2009

second take on carbonara

Last Sunday night while Husband and I were driving back to our apartment from their place, he requested that I cook carbonara – following the same recipe as one of my girl friends did that he liked a lot. I told him that I will cook on Tuesday night.

Since he goes out of work earlier than I do, I tasked him to do the grocery for the carbonara ingredients. I listed down everything I need to make the carbonara.

Around 4:00PM, he has been calling me already. First call was to ask what he can buy as an alternative for basil leaves because he can't find any (basil leaves). I told him none (none, because I don't know what to replace basil leaves with). He asked if rosemary leaves will do, I said NO (because again, I don't know what rosemary leaves are for, and I don't know if it can actually replace basil leaves in my carbonara). Then after a couple of minutes, he called again to ask if I'm sure that it's really all-purpose cream that I want him to buy (seeing pictures of breads and fresh fruits on the packaging confused him a bit. LOL) and whether I only need 3 of those 250mL packs. And he ended our conversation with a sigh of "hirap talagang mag-grocery." ("It's really hard to do the grocery.")

Well, no pain, no gain! :) But he has to worry not because tonight, he is assured to feast on sumptuous carbonara. Hopefully, that is! :)


Angeli said...

just a tip, jac, there's always a fresh supply of basil leaves at Cherry Foodarama. (in case Lorenz went to a different store) :)

jacqueline said...

thanks, A. :) yes, he went to Puregold Shaw. :)

he went to Cherry and was able to buy one.. oh, we neeed the dried ones, McCormick ba. :)

Amelia said...

wow that sounds yummy :)

I use McCormick for the leaves and spices.

mikoy said...

uyy patikim heheh

Heather said...

Hey if he wants the carbonara he should help shop! LOL Cute post.

caryn said...

wahahaha! why are guys usually clueless when it comes to food shopping. even with a detailed list my hubby sometimes buys the wrong things ;-)