Tuesday, May 5, 2009

to fire with water

Every first day of the month of May, the people of Baras, Rizal (my husband's hometown) celebrate some sort of a feast. I am not aware of its historical facts, but it usually starts early in the morning with a parade or turumba. It is then followed by the pagoda festival (a float parade done in the river). Simultaneous with these activities is the one thing I really like doing at this day, people splashing water everywhere, to anybody, anytime. You can say this one is similar to the feast of San Juan.

In preparation for this activity, husband and I bought some water guns. We "fire" people with water, but only those who we know are willing to get wet (just like us!). It's unfortunate for passers by who are not aware of this feast because they got splashed on, either unintentionally or otherwise. :)


Amelia said...

I have attended similar activity in Laguna where they will splash water on all people...kinda weird. they also have the pagoda parade along Pagsanjan River. It's the feast of San Juan. I asked my friend why they are doing that and she said...it's part of the tradition and she don't even know the relevance...LOL!! anyhow, its exciting but some get mad and don't want to participate..

water gun, cool!! nice photos with the gun ;)

Heather said...

What a neat idea! And if it gets anywhere near as hot there as it does here, I'd be one of the ones willing to get wet. LOL Fun photos girl!