Saturday, October 4, 2008

My PGH Experience

It's a Saturday. We could have gone home to Dasma last night, but Lorenz and I have decided to stay in our apartment in Mandaluyong. His company still has another day of exhibit at the SMX. Knowing he'd be busy today, I thought of just visiting my brother at the PGH instead of going with Lorenz to the exhibit.

I stayed in the main lobby for a while waiting for my brother, who is a first year resident under the Department of Surgery. The hospital is the last place I'd wanna be in, and the several minutes of waiting felt like forever.

A good friend of the family is currently confined at the Surgery Intensive Care Unit, so to buy time, I visited him first. However, being not used to seeing patients in such seemingly painful conditions, I left right away. At the hallway I met Jec, my brother. Because his team was still doing the rounds, he had to leave, and I... I had to wait awhile.
Without a waiting area in the surgery wards, I busied myself walking & reading posts on the boards, and sending text messages to Lorenz and Jec of things I notice around. PGH is clean, contrary to what I thought it to be. That's why I didn't think twice to sit on the floor when my feet and legs got tired of walking.
I thought I found a good spot on the hallway where I could sit on the floor near a socket, charging my XDA phone while writing this post. But a manong passed by and told me to unplug my charger because security staff may be roaming and would confiscate my phone if they see me charging. What??? I can't recharge my battery here? Why can't I? I'm paying my taxes anyway, whatever I have consumed I think my taxes would cover it. But then, the obedient person in me just obliged. I wouldn't want to make a scene here anyway.

Still, waiting for Jec, he's too busy. He wouldn't allow me to go home though. He said he'll be free after lunch, and we can spend time to catch up on each other's life happenings. He hasn't come home since he started his PGH residency in January of this year.

It's lunchtime and Jec can't have lunch with me, at least not without his team. So I decided to go to Wendy's, just across the hospital, have my lunch and finish this post.

Until now, I'm still waiting... waiting... and waiting.

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