Monday, October 13, 2008

training the trainers

One of the tasks assigned to me in the office is to conduct product orientation to prospective school partners. I usually conduct a two-hour workshop on either Inspiration® 8 or Kidspiration® 3 International Edition. The company I’m working for is the exclusive distributor of these products, among others, from Inspiration Software, here in the Philippines.

This afternoon, I just conducted the same workshop to ten teacher-participants from a school in Quezon City. I am glad that they appreciate the benefits of visual learning in the classroom. They are amazed at how easy it is to use the software to develop their own graphic organizers.

For you to have an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few lines I usually use during my sessions:

Visual learning is the use of graphic organizers to teach various lessons in the
classroom. Graphic organizers make use of symbols to represent ideas, and
links or lines to represent the relationship between these ideas.
Flowcharts are among the widely-used graphic organizers not only in the
classroom but also in the industry, to show processes or procedures. And
Inspiration software is a tool that makes it easier for teachers and students to
develop their own graphic organizers.
It is good to know that there are schools that really aim to offer quality education to their students. These schools do not just invest on hiring qualified teachers, but also provide tools that help teachers use the latest methodologies in teaching. After all, schools should be proactive in ensuring that the students learn at the highest possible level. And this can only be achieved if the teachers implement multiple learning styles, which Inspiration software supports.

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