Thursday, October 30, 2008

the search is over...

It's been almost a week since my brother Jec, yes the doctor, started seriously bugging me to buy him a new laptop. Well, it's not that I'm gonna pay for it, he was just asking me to look for a good buy that is reallly worth his budget. And, I would have to use my credit card for the purchase. Taking advantage of the 0% interest installment plans, payable in 12 consecutive months. Easy on the budget, huh? There were times in the past couple of days when I would receive text messages from him asking for updates. Updates? On what? Oh yeah! About the laptop.

And yesterday, he got too demanding, mind you. He wanted it ASAP! He doesn't care about the brand, as long as it would allow him to browse the Internet through its wi-fi cabality, and he'd be able to work on his documents. So, today during our lunch break at the office, after few days of searching on the net, checking out various specs, models, and brands, I decided to visit the mall and canvass for what I believe must be the "best buy." Thanks to Rod for going with me, at least I have somebody to consult about the oh-so-technical specs of the supposed new toy for Jec.

Approaching the Cyberzone of SM Megamall, Rod and I decided to check out Silicon Valley since it's the first store we saw. An approachable staff greeted us. Since we have limited time to check out all items on display, I asked the staff for a laptop that's being sold on installment plan, given the budget I have and the card I'll be using. His first suggestion was an Asus. Since I actually had other brands in mind, I asked for other options. Good thing there's an Acer that satisfies the requirements. Unlike when I'm shopping for shoes or clothes, I didn't check out other stores for more options. I didn't want to confuse my mind with other specs and other models and other brands. So I just went for an ACER ASPIRE.

I really hope you'll like it, Jec. Anyway, I got you a Canon printer for free! :)

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