Tuesday, October 21, 2008

randomly written

It’s been a couple of days now since I last wrote my post. Since that day until now, there have been quite a good number of instances that I feel I’d like to write about. But these questions constantly bug my mind: how much of me should I make known to WWW? Am I ready to freely open up my rollercoaster ride of emotions to readers I may not know exist? Should I write about the sentiments I have on people dear to me? Or maybe share life plans I’ve been diligently working on?

At times, no matter how much I’d like to put my thoughts into writing, I’m just having a hard time doing it. My mind thinks faster than I could write, and it can’t seem to go back to the exact lines I wish I have written down to fully express what’s deep down inside. Nonetheless, here are some random thoughts that still preoccupy my mind:
  • How can somebody not extend understanding when it’s my time to be understood?
  • How can somebody just forget about all the good things I have done after unintentionally declining to help another time?
  • Why can somebody not be objective on issues involving a person so dear, especially when that somebody is assumed to be of greater wisdom? (Blood is thicker than water they say! But the latter is transparent compared to the former!)
  • How can someone hurt the person he or she loves?
  • What about love? (in the same context when Winona Ryder asked Richard Gere in the movie Autumn in New York)

And as days pass by, as I interact with more people, the list of random thoughts just gets longer each time.

  • and here's another one (encountered just now): don't they know it's unethical to talk over the phone while munching on their food? huh!

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