Monday, March 30, 2009

season of work

In my five years of stay (working on my sixth ^_^) with my current company, this is the first time that our ideal schedule for post-sales support is being followed. That is why, as early as March, my loads of work has been crazy... but it's crazy good! That means we have closed deals with partners earlier than we usually had.

Now is the time when I really need to work on my time management skills. Demands from partners have been piling up and I have to make sure that each is being attended to. Sometimes it feels that I have more tasks and too little time. But I worry not! Almost everything that I need to take care of our partners' concerns are just at my fingertips. And in cases they are not, I always have people around me with whom I can coordinate and work things out with.

In times like this, I am more motivated to work... the day passes by before I realize it.

Now, I gotta go back to work! Catch you later! :)


Angeli said...

"we have closed deals with partners earlier than we usually had".

this means one thing........... COMPANY OUTING!! YEY!


Agnes said...


Have a great week, Jacqueline.

jhing said...

hi there.... take time to rest also....too much work is quite stressful....

take care

Amelia said...

more reason to be busy with and business is doing good :))

jacqueline said...

hi there all of you! :) thanks for still visiting my page though it's been updated so seldomly.

thanks jhing for sharing your personal page. :)

Heather said...

Don't forget to take care of yourself with all of that extra work!


caryn said...

hey jac, its great to hear that rather than bringing you down, more work motivates you further. you go girl! ;-)