Sunday, March 15, 2009

eat... eat... eat

The weekend is almost over. So what have I actually done that made my time worthwhile?

Friday night, we were all delighted with Mama's pinakbet (sauted mixed vegetables -- squash, bitter gourd, and string beans, in shrimp paste) and fried tilapia. After dinner, husband and my youngest brother, Jim, decided to play badminton. I didn't go with them because I felt the need to stay home and let my system digest whatever I have eaten. In short, I was so full, I had to stay still. :)

Saturday was just an ordinary day. We spent time playing cards, myself losing all the time! You can't blame me, I just learned the game few days ago. :) Then after dinner, they played badminton again. I was not really feeling well because of that female thing. ;) But I have done something worthwhile. I was able to chat with my Kuya and the rest of his family. My nephews have grown up so fast, and my two-month old niece is getting bigger each time I see her.

And this morning, Sunday, we attended the Church Service. It was such an empowering experience, a spirit-rejuvenating moment for me. I just feel so blessed and enlightened.  After a week of work and being immensed in such a mad world, it's always best for me to tap to my ultimate source of strength. :)

After the Service, we went to SM Southmall for lunch. We had a sumptious meal at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Unlike the experiences we had at other branches, this afternoon's meal was totally enjoyable. We were only four yet we finished a whole of roasted chicken (loved the succulent and flavorful meat) and seven (yes, 7!) orders of rice. Take note, Mama didn't eat her share of rice. So it was just the three of us (husband, brother, and myself) finishing off. :) I was glad to have picked sides that we all enjoyed -- macaroni and cheese (my all time favorite), corn and carrots (husband's choice), potata salad (which I chose for Mama), and cheesy garlic potato (which I chose for myself too). The meal also included four pieces of muffins.

Then after lunch, (you think we're done eating already?), we had dessert at Dairy Queen. Mama and I both had strawberry and banana blizzard, while husband and bro had rocky road and mud pie, respectively. Now, you know what a bunch of big eaters we are! *lol*

Of course, after such a hearty meal, the best thing to do next is sleep. :) Upon reaching home, everybody just ran to find a nest to rest at. (I could hear husband snoring now... he's just beside me while I type this.) And I shouldn't be left behind. Time to end this and take a nap. In a few hours we'll be on our way back to our apartment again.

It had been an enjoyable weekend for us. How about yours? :)


Angeli said...

my weekend was a lot more uneventful than yours. :)

what particular card game did you play, jac?

jacqueline said...

hahahaha.. nagpapaka-kanto ako: tong-its, pusoy at pusoy dos! :) no money involved though. i get disoriented at times because we would switch from one game to another and they had to refresh me of the rules and strategies.

Amelia said...

yummy food and dairy queen ice cream!!

Church service? are you a Christian now? just curious...:)

my weekend was great! check on my site for the details :))

jacqueline said...

yes, Aims, husband and I are. October 2007 pa. :) hindi nga halata eh. hehehe...

Amelia said...

I see. I was just surprised since you both got wed in a Catholic church.

thanks for answering my question :)

Heather said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!

agnes said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend :-)