Thursday, April 2, 2009

Megan is out! :(

So, Megan Corkrey was booted out of American Idol. That is sad for me. I love watching her because I think she has a great personality (though I missed her number last night, agh!).

Anyway, there's still Kris Allen for me to watch. And read this... In the Q&A portion of his AI page he was asked "What's your proudest moment?" and his reply... "Marrying my wife." Aaaawwwww... isn't that sweet?!?!? :-) I think he is such a sweet and nice person! I hope he doesn't get axed next week! :-)


agnes said...

Kris was awesome last night!

Angeli said...

hi jac. megan was terrible last night. but kris was great.


Amelia said...

i agree with Angeli and Agnes,,,she didn't perform as she was expected. that's sad but at least Kris is still there...and also my bet Danny :))

jacqueline said...

Danny is Husband's bet too. :)