Thursday, March 12, 2009

alarming news

Every night after work, the first show we catch up at home is the local news. Although there would be a few good news to hear, it's almost always that we would be overwhelmed by the bad ones.

I think it was the other night when it was reported that a six-year old girl was raped by an eleven-year old boy! There were even news of minors guilty of murders.

Could you believe that??? Where are the parents of these young people? How come they could bravely commit such hideous acts?

Sad... but true. A lot of bad things are now getting worse. And unless majority of the people would be responsible enough to be always mindful of their actions, the place we live in may no longer be safe for our children to come.

I have always believed that parents play a vital role on how their children would become in the future. So, to all the parents out there, I make this plea for you to always make yourselves the best role model your kids may have. And always find time to spend moments with them that they would learn the good values they should learn. Let's stop crime, and let's start in our homes.


Amelia said...

everything starts in the family and parents play s a great role in moulding the young ones but the environment and society also contributes to the well being of an individual.and I believe the government has to do something to make a good society.

Heather said...

I totally agree. The world we live in today scares me!

Angeli said...

the world has become very scary.

mikoy said...

moral lesson: don't watch the news! hehe