Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my life as a wife... for now.

I have been "angel-less" for four weeks and 2 days now. No, not that guardian angel sort of thing, but an angel as I call household helpers.

And despite the fact that nobody else takes care of our household chores but us, Husband and I feel that we are more relaxed coming home, enjoying our meals and helping each other out with chores that need to be done.

And here is a list of the things I certainly enjoy doing at home even if it means having less rest time:
  • Preparing our meals. I need to get up 30 minutes earlier to prepare our first meal of the day. And even at times I still feel very sleepy and the thought of myself snugging in bed seems to pull me back to sleep, I get up and do some cooking. And at night, when I come home after work, I still prepare food for dinner. Sometimes I cook, other times I just re-heat left-overs. It is rewarding to see that Husband enjoys the meal so much so that he ends up doing the dishes. ;)

  • Taking care of our clothes. Having been brought up by my Mama to wear clean and well-pressed clothes no matter how old the clothes may be, I kind of imbibed that obsession in me. Without a helper to do the ironing, I can meticulously press our clothes, making sure that we both look neat wearing them.

  • Cleaning the house. I used to avoid cleaning the house because I am very much allergic to dust. Even if I use mask to cover my nose, or I use vacuum cleaner to dust off the entire house, I would still have my allergic attacks. Fortunately, I have discovered using the mop to clean the floor and everything else that can be mopped. :) The house is clean, and I don't have to worry about rashes or swollen eyes because of allergies. It feels good to come home when everything around is clean and orderly.

  • Movie marathon. And who says I need to spend all my time doing the chores? Well, it's not really a movie marathon, we just watch one movie every night on poqui. And it's a great feeling after a day of work and some household chores to cuddle up in bed sharing laughter over some comedy films. :)
And last night, due to my insistent demand, we installed the red and green Christmas lights on our door. Christmas spirit is in the house, at last! :)


Angeli said...

maybe you should get used to being angel-less for good. being a homemaker (without an angel to help you) and having a career at the same time is something to be really proud of. mas tipid pa. :)

Sinta said...

When we moved away from the Philippines, my mom really missed having help around the house. Thankfully I learned how to sort everything out while in Europe and seem to be able to cope now. ^_^ I was a very spoilt child.

jacqueline said...

hi angeli. yes super tipid in everything now that we are angel-less. food supplies for one week extend to few more days. but i don't wanna be angel-less for good... oh no! :)

hi sinta. when i was growing up, my mom would always ask us (me and my 2 brothers) to help around the house, and she would always say how we would thank her in the future for teaching us to do household chores. and she's right. sometimes even if you can afford to get a helper, there's no one available. and it's a good thing that we know how to work around these seemingly difficult chores. :)