Sunday, December 21, 2008

ASCENT Christmas Party

We had our company Christmas party last Wednesday night in Congo Grille at El Pueblo in Ortigas, Pasig City.  This time of the year has been my much-awaited company event. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring a digicam nor did I remember to take pictures using my mobile phone. I was just busy posing for others' cameras. And now, I don't even have a single picture to look at to remind me of how the party went. :(

Anyway, it's gonna be a few more days before I will be back at work and can grab pictures my colleagues have taken. I'll post a couple of them here and create new albums on our multiply account and my friendster too. :)  So, please come back soon.


Sinta said...

Glad you had fun ^_^ The merriment has started!

jacqueline said...

yes, it has! :) i hope you're enjoying the holidays too.

diamondmum said...

it's okay you'll gonna have your copy from your office mate...:-) Happy Holidays!