Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kris Kringle Week 4: something red and green

Well, actually, when I reviewed the list, it's not really something read and green, it said something red / green [meaning OR]. But I think everyone prepared for something red and green. :)

I am lucky that the one who have drawn my name is, I think, as excited as I am to prepare for our weekly kris kringle. He or she hasn't failed to give me a gift even for just a week. But for my colleagues who haven't been receiving any, despair not. Your giver is just probably playing some practical jokes on you. ;)


Angeli said...

practical joke? hah! may karma kaya.. :)

jacqueline said...

hahaha... swerte ng nakabunot kay jim, kahit di pa sya nagbibigay, may natatanggap sya. hehehehe... wag din kaya syang bigyan next time? :)