Saturday, November 7, 2009

smarter than a second grader

What I enjoy the most when I spend my weekend at my Mama's place is the opportunity to chat with my Kuya and his family. They have been staying in New Jersey for almost two years now, and I just miss spending time with my nephews. (Ok, Kuya, I miss spending time with you and Ate Aieh, too!) And it's only through video chat that I get to see the new addition to the family, Andie.

This morning, I spent almost two hours chatting with my nephew, Luis. It started with his stories of being chosen as a student of the month at his school, among 50+ other kids... moving to his latest addition of artwork at Artsonia... then to his latest collection of books. Yes, books! Books on National Geographic for Kids on various topics such as the space, sharks and others. He also has his Kid's Almanac for 2010. While he was eager to share what he had already read on those books, we had started this simple game of question and answer. He would ask questions, then I'd answer. Then I'd get my turn to ask, and he'd answer. Well, good thing that my PC ran SKYPE and GOOGLE at the same time without delay, otherwise, I might not be able to give correct answers. Com'on! Do you really still remember facts about ORCA? or the hummingbird's eggs? Well, at least he hasn't read yet that the highest waterfall is that of the Angel Waterfall in Venezuela, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to lead a score. LOL.

I had a great chat time with him. Next time, I'll prepare more questions, and I have to make sure I can get the answers right when he throws his are-you-smarter-than-a-fifth-grader type of questions! Take note, he's just a second grader... I wouldn't want to face the webcam and tell him "I may be your aunt and way older than you are, but I'm not smarter than a second grader like you!"


Agnes said...

I know!

Kids are amazing. And they are totally smarter than me. And did you see them type? Speed of light I am telling you!

jacqueline said...

oh yes! and they ask questions I haven't thought of asking myself. :)

Heather Landry said...

He is soooo cute! My kids think they're smarter than me and the truth is... I've had to look up a few things online as well. Shhhh! LOL

jacqueline said...

yes, Heather he is a cutie. :)

good thing there's google, huh? LOL