Sunday, November 1, 2009

offer is good while supplies last

Tonight, instead of spending time on Facebook playing Cafe World or Farm Town, I chose to catch up on my reading. No, not of books, but of the few blogs that I have been following. And as I take inspiration from these blogs to post my own update, something I have been thinking earlier came to mind again.

Ever since Husband and I have received the news qualifying us to finally migrate to the land down under, our family and friends have been only telling us two things: 1. to spend time with people who matter; and 2. to feast on all the food we love to eat that may not be readily available there.

Well, we know that family and friends are the people that matter. As for the food, here is my personal list:

  1. Mama's cooking, that obviously I can't cook myself or that ingredients may not be available, like laing, sinaing na tulingan, adobong salinyasi, tortang dulong, kilaw na dilis, sinigang na kanduli sa miso... and this list could just go on and on...
  2. balaw-balaw ni Nanay Tonia (the mother of my dearest friend, Oneng) matched with nilagang upo with dalag
  3. street food - isaw, fishball, squid ball, kwek-kwek, tokneneng, and at times, adidas

We shall definitely take advantage of the remaining months to be with family and friends, and to feast on food that we would surely miss.


Agnes said...

I really hope you'll like it in Australia, Jacqueline. I have a feeling you will...

p/s: I had no idea Angeli and you were room mates! How cool!!! :-D

Heather Landry said...

I hope you get to eat all of the good stuff you listed! I hope that your move goes well too! I read what you said in your last tweet. I'm sorry that you're sad. I remember how I felt when my friends got pg while we struggled to. I'll say prayers for you!

jacqueline said...

@Agnes: thanks! my friend says the same thing too. even my boss says I'll like it there. :) yes, Angeli and I used to be housemates. and she's the closest colleague i have in the office.

@Heather: yes, I'll make sure I will... those are just filipino food i really love to eat. thanks for saying prayers for me. :)

Angeli said...

huwag mong masyadong isipin yung mamimiss at iiwanan mo. malulungkot ka lang nyan..