Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1... 2... 3!

By the time this post is published, husband and I are probably snoring our way through the night, while he snuggles me, as he always do for three years now.

Yes, today, the 24th of November, we are celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Time flies so fast! It’s already been three years of an exciting, sometimes disappointing yet comforting roller coaster ride.

While it would feel best to have a harmonious relationship ALL the time, the differences and arguments that pop up once in a while have helped us learn how to handle things better. We’re learning… continuously… and the love grows uncontrollably.

Whatever we have been through, and whatever storm we have survived in the past have just made us both more bonded to each other. We can just only pray to the Lord that He will bless us with more love, patience and understanding for us to brave any rain that might come our way in the next years of our marriage.

We’re just startin’, and I’m lovin’ it!


Agnes said...

Awwww, Jacqueline, such a sweet post :-))))

jacqueline said...

thank you, Agnes. :) life is sweet when spent with your one true love. :))

Angeli said...

3 taon na nga.. ang bilis ng panahon... :)

Amelia said...

happy anniversary to you both :) more love to come :)