Thursday, January 29, 2009

yey! they've found me! and i found 'em too!

It's been a while since my last post. It's not because of lack of topics to blog about, but rather lack of enthusiasm to write... well, sort of. But! I can't let this one pass. I feel good whenever I find comment/s to be moderated displayed on my dashboard. And knowing that I only have three souls religiously checking my blog (or so I thought ^_^), I feel kind of excited to have received two comments from two new blog hoppers who happened to have found my site. Yey! But more than anything else, I'm more excited that I have additional blogs that are interesting to follow.

Thanks to Agnes and Mikoy, I am writing today. :)


Agnes said...

And thank you!! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi there.nice of you to drop by our 'home' hope to see you there often. we'll definitely add you to our link so that people will visit you too. hows that? =)

link exchange ok? have a nice day!


jacqueline said...

you're welcome, Agnes. :)

thanks, sammie. that's a great idea. :)

mikoy said...

hey, i found you at agnes'. akala ko imported ka e hehehe niweys thanks sa link


jacqueline said...

oh mikoy... sorry, local po. hehehe..