Sunday, January 18, 2009

to craft or not to craft...

While I was searching my pile of bags for something that I can use as my make-up kit, I accidentally found the cross-stitch project I had long been looking for!

This is my orangutan project, some ten years ago, I think. And I guess, this will be my biggest cross stitch project for now. Remember, I am still not done with that tiny Tweety bird I was so excited finishing few months back. And it made me realize that I am no longer as patient nor as passionate with this craft as I thought I was. :(

Perhaps, I should go for crafts that would not be too time-demanding... something that I can see the output in less time... something like... cooking? :)

Oooppsss... photo of the orangutan project to be posted tomorrow, I promise! :)


Sinta said...

Cross-stitching is good, but I would always try different crafts :) Definitely cooking is one, but Mr H is definitely better at it than I am. lol. Good thing, I'm on a diet!

jacqueline said...

hi Sinta! well, Husband would always join in when I cook, but sometimes he's not really a big help. :) oh, i've read that drinking a cup of hot chocolate after a meal helps you digest any amount of food in-take in three hours. so you can eat as much without feeling so bloated. wanna try it? :) would go perfectly with exercise, i suppose. :)

diamondmum said...

hi jac!

try something that you really really want and would achieve in a given time:-)

whatever it is have fun doing it and all the best!

Angeli said...

hi jac. ever thought of sewing your own clothes, curtains, pillow cases? that's one thing i want to learn. :)

jacqueline said...

@diamondmum: funny 'cause i want to try and do a lot of things at any given time... and last night, husband told me i have never really finished anything i have started. well, i finished cooking for dinner last night! :)

@angeli: i have been thinking about that since i was in college! :) i thought it would be fun to sew my own skirts! :) or, emrboidery! i've seen a computerized embroidery machine on display in an exhibit, and it was fantastic! :)