Thursday, January 22, 2009

the truth about my headache

Last Tuesday night, I was having one of my worst migraine attacks, that it made me cry and kept me awake for a while. :( I was in so much pain that I had become so selfish not to consider that Husband needed to sleep for an early work the following morning. I nagged Husband on how uncaring he was to not even offer anything that could have given me relief. And so he said he'd take me to the hospital, so that once and for all, we'd know what is causing this terrible headache. (Oh! I already know! Mine is a case of hormonal migraine.) I disagreed, for I know i would just be prescribed with pain relievers, to which I'm highly allergic. And since I have ran out of stock of paracetamol (Biogesic), the only medicine I could safely take, I just asked him to go out and buy me some. It was around 11PM at that time.

And last night, while watching some videos, Husband complained of headache. And I told him, that he's just having it to experience what it's really like to have a headache, so the next time I'd be in such pain, he'd totally understand my situation. And know what he said? He said, "No, I'm having my headache now because last night when you were in pain, I just prayed that I'd rather have that headache than you suffering from it." Aaaaawwwww!!! Sweet!!! He said he felt a little bad that night when I told him that he didn't seem to care, because truth is, he'd rather trade places with me. And yes, he's right when he said just because I can't see anything done means nothing is really being done. :)


Angeli said...

..akala ko he'd say, "nahawa ako sa migraine mo."

so sweet.. :)

jacqueline said...

and he was mocking me, asking me to buy him Biogesic. :)

mikoy said...

awww sweet! Well i heard a 'cure' somewhere... drink 3 glasses of water plus a teasespoon of salt for migraine. there's no harm in trying =)

jacqueline said...

hi mikoy! thanks for dropping by.
a teaspoon of salt? oh! i hate salt not unless cooked in food... but i'll keep that in mind, in case another migraine attack comes. thanks for the tip! :)