Thursday, January 22, 2009

happy couples

I chanced upon this message and thought of posting it here...

5 Things That Happy Couples Do Everyday:
  1. Talk to each other
  2. Flirt with one another
  3. Share a fun moment
  4. Share a silent moment
  5. Give each other space
Husband said we got a check for each item. :) And I agree!


Angeli said...

despite the distance, i think we got all five checked too!


Sinta said...

That's so true. I agree with each of those points :) Especially give each other space.

jacqueline said...

yes, ladies, i think we're on the right track nurturing a happy relationship. :) cheers to us and our partners, too! :)

Angeli said...

hey, there's something for you here. :)

caryn said...

hi jac ;-) that's a nice list!

jacqueline said...

thanks caryn! :) take care!