Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it's like music to my ears

Today at the restaurant were two Filipino customers. They were surprised when I suddenly spoke to them in Tagalog (my native dialect), and bursted out "Filipino ka pala! (You're a Filipino)" They said that I look like some other Asian race. I told them that they, too, look more Chinese than Filipino, and I wouldn't have known had I not heard them speaking in Tagalog.

It is not very often that we have Filipino customers come by. In fact, it was the second time only. The first one I met there is a first cousin to the Sottos in Manila; known both in the showbiz and political arena. In a place where people speak different languages, and English of different accents, it is relaxing in a way to hear my native language being spoken. It feels like home! :)


Angeli said...

it's funny how they didn't recognize you as filipino right away. when d and i were in this outdoor cafe in saigon, the waiter asked me in vietnamese-accented english if i'm a filipina. then he later told me that he's friends with alma concepcion. i was impressed by how he recognized that i'm from the philippines, given that we were in an asian country with lots of other asian tourists.


Heather Landry said...

I bet it was soo good to hear that! It sounds like your job is going well. =0)

jacqueline said...

hi Angeli. with so many Asians around here, it's hard to really recognize which is which. :)

hi Heather! i'm getting familiar with the tasks, and that makes it easier. :)

Agnes said...

Oh you posted! Great!! How are you Jacqueline?????

Amelia said...

kakatuwa noh if may marinig ka na kabayan from the crowd :)

jacqueline said...

Hi Agnes. I'm good. Having a bit of hard time adjusting to the climate though... i think it is too cold for me. :)

Hi Amelia! parang nakarinig ka ng kakampi pag may naririnig kang nagta--tagalog sa crowd. hehehe