Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shall we go camping?

Last night, Husband and I did a little shopping. I bought two blouses and a pair of denim pants. And he got himself a pair of cargo shorts and guess what? A sleeping bag!

He's been bugging me for months already to buy us sleeping bags and a tent! For what, you asked? Nothing! He just wants to be prepared in case a need for it arises! We ended up buying one sleeping bag, just for him. I told him I don't want one for myself. But now I am thinking of buying one for myself, too! I don't wanna be left out if indeed he'd go camping. :) And the tent... well, he couldn't decide which one to get so he didn't get any. I was persuading him to buy the cheaper one because we're not going to use it everyday anyway. I feel that it's just gonna be a waste of money spending for something that will most likely end up in the storage room. But his heart really beats for the one that is more than three times as much. And until this morning, he keeps on saying he'd buy it and no one can stop him! Oh, we'll see! LOL

After walking around looking for something nice and irresistible to catch our eyes, we had dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza. We had a 10-inch Manhattan Meatlovers because Husband is not fond of munching on the spices usually included in supreme flavors, and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta (oh, did i get the name right?), which he specifically ordered to be less spicy and hot. Between us, I am more into the spicy side than him. But it's ok, because we complement each other... spices go to my plate, nuts go to his, mushrooms on mine, lots of chicken on his. :) We enjoyed the meal!

Half of the pizza and the pasta were taken home, served for this breakfast. Yummy! :)

take care,


Angeli said...

Hi Jac. For you, I highly suggest GLAMPING, a.k.a. Glamorous Camping. :)

jacqueline said...


i'm not quite sure how to do that, A. :)

Amelia said...

camping sounds cool :)why not give it a try you might enjoy ;)

Heather said...

I really like camping! I'm sure you would if you would try it! Although I do agree with you on not getting the most expensive tent. LOL

Savvy Mode SG said...

the closest i have come to camping is at our vacation home.