Friday, September 26, 2008

expect for these...

Yesterday, after I signed up for this account, I immediately informed two of my colleagues who are also bloggers, about it. One of them snobbishly said "ano lalagay mo dun? kwento ng buhay mo?"

And it made me think, what am I gonna post here? Unlike him, I don't have a portfolio of self-taken pictures (that would be enticing to look at, that is!), nor am I like the other who reads a vast library of books that would allow me to share my reviews of these materials.

So to give my readers (or should I say "my reader" since there's only one person I know who is following this blog) an idea of what to look forward to, let me tell you… I guess my colleague is right after all. I will just be writing about me… my random thoughts on random things... my latest obsession, frustration, exhilaration… and your eyes might just pop out seeing lots of pink!

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