Saturday, March 20, 2010

you can call me Penny...

For those of you who would like to know how I have been, here's a quick run down of updates.

In my previous post, I have mentioned how I like it here, having spent only a week. And now, after four more weeks, I still say "I like it here!"

At the start of our second week, I was fortunate enough to be called for a job interview. However, I wasn't that fortunate to have been hired for the position. While I felt that it was totally fine to have missed that chance (it was just the second week then... it was still time to play the tourist role), I was still hoping I would receive another call for other job opportunities.

Unexpectedly, through the network of a relative, I have gotten myself a part-time waitressing job in a Malaysian-Chinese-North-and-South-Indian-cuisine-under-one-roof restaurant. (Let me tell you that they cook REALLY great food! I am enjoying my free take-aways everytime!) This kind of job is entirely out of my league, and this is the first time I am doing this, that my mom, and my parents-in-law as well, worry that the job may be too physically challenging for me. Well, it is... but after a good rest, I am back to the normal energy level I have before doing it. My brothers find it cool though, one of them wants to call me Penny (from The Big Bang Theory, if you are watching it).

Before we left home weeks back, we have already prepared ourselves to get whatever work experience that would initially come our way... we have a long way to go, and we believe that we have a great life ahead of us. The best is yet to come... and only God knows when is the time.

So to our friends who are wondering how have we been, well, we have been great, and we are enjoying it here! We are always grateful to the Lord for making this dream possible.

Well, how about you? How have you been?


Heather Landry said...

We have been good! I'm always excited to read your updates. Congrats on your new job. I'm sure you'll get used to it. It sounds like a neat place to work!

jacqueline said...

thanks, Heather. I have been behind my blog reading. I'm glad that you are doing good. :)

Agnes said...

I am glad you like it there. I am sure you'll find your dream-job soon :-D

jacqueline said...

Thanks, Agnes! :)

Amelia said...

that's interesting to know Jac :) it's just temporary..keep it on and good luck to your endeavor :)