Friday, January 8, 2010

Tito Joel

During my childhood, there were a few of my mom's brothers and sisters who have had the chance to take care of me and my siblings. One of the most remembered is my Tito Joel... one of the kindest but definitely among the strictest, too.

It has been over eleven years since the last time I saw my Tito Joel. Yet I have never failed to ask my mom of his whereabouts. Unfortunately, she had lost contact of him. Thankfully, there's Facebook! I got to reconnect with my cousin Guerlain, and from her, Mama was able to get hold of Tito Joel's contact number.

When I learned that Mama was able to talk to Tito Joel again, I called him up myself. And the following morning, I woke up hearing my Tito Joel's voice, with his usual laughter.

It is nice to see him again. He might have been strict disciplining us, but I could say that a part of him stays with me until now. I'm sure my brothers would say the same thing as well. :)


Agnes said...

Oh wow, maybe I should get a FB account...
I love this photo, you've got such a pretty face, Jacqueline!

Angeli said...

jac, you're so skinny in that picture. :)

jacqueline said...

Thanks, Agnes! :) Yes, you might really want to consider signing up to FB. you might find some long lost friends (or relatives) when you do. :)

Hi Anj! I miss you already. Do I look skinny here? must be the angle... i've been gaining weight already. i'm having a hard time fitting in my skinny jeans. :)